I am a second year student at the University of Sheffield, studying Computer Science. I am interested in analysing, making, and of course playing games. My university course allows me to expand upon my hobby, and vice versa.

I am a very active person with an interest in a variety of sports, and a particular focus on the fitness area as I believe it promotes one’s good health and self-esteem. It has also helped me discover and develop concentration and discipline, which are important in everyday life, but can also be used effectively in the workplace.


Frictionless - Summer 2015

What would a world without friction look like? How would it work? This game explores this concept, while challenging the player with mental puzzles through all 30 levels! The aim is to get get to the goal while avoiding being eaten or lost, and to collect a maximum amount of points along the way!

Think you can beat the game? To try it out, click here

Orbital Mayhem - 24 Hour Game Jam 2015

Co-authors: Dan Shreeve, Andrew Cook, Carol Wanjohi

This project was a result of collaboration of me and my course mates, during a 24 hour programming tournament. It challnges the user to hit a target, avoiding obstacles in space, with tricky gravitational fields and misleading paths. The game received an award for one of the best technical solutions of the challenge.

To beat the game, click here


Software development

Used at university level: Java, Ruby, Python, Haskell, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Experience with: Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, ActionScript 3, SQL, jQuery

With the experience of using a variety of languages, through self-learning or being taught by field-leading lecturers, I am confident in picking up new languages and adjusting myself to the required environment.


Great communicator - Able to express myself clearly and confidently both on paper, and verbally.

Team player - always make sure I am involved, as well as encourage others to get involved in team activities/projects.

Drive - I am determined to always successfully complete my task, and look at ways to improve it.