Maciej Zak


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I'm a fourth year student at the University of Sheffield, persuing my Master's degree in Computer Science. I am particularly interested in mobile development, QA and project management.

I'm also interested in analysing, making, and of course playing games. My university course has allowed me to expand upon my hobby, learn new methods and techniques to explore, and experience the different aspects of creating software projects, discovering areas which I most enjoy.

I am a very active person with an interest in a variety of sports (especially football and basketball), and a particular focus on the fitness area as I believe it promotes one’s good health and self-esteem. It has also helped me discover and develop concentration and discipline, skills which are important in everyday life, but can also be used effectively in the workplace.


Sky - Software Developer Placement

August 2017 - September 2017

  • Worked on building an Android and iOS app for Sky employees as part of a graduate team, contributing to major project decisions by learning to quickly establish relationships with new team members and assess risks effectively.
  • Managed and participated in planning, retrospective, and product owner meetings, building my confidence to suggest creative ideas and demonstrate completed work to clients and colleagues.
  • Acquired knowledge and experience in using Agile methodologies by reviewing changing requirements and team processes often, and adjusting accordingly to meet client demands and deadlines.
  • Created UI and Unit tests for completed code widening my programming knowledge and understanding, and ensuring correct code functionality.
  • Gained insight into usability of both platforms, and developed an understanding of native and cross platform development by using Xamarin to maximise the amount of shared code whilst providing the user with a native experience.
  • Learned good design principles and practices from experienced co-workers by creating app prototypes using Sketch and InVision.

Venture Simulations - Technical Intern

June 2016 - Present

  • Performed a range of tasks, spanning from thorough testing of online business simulation SimVenture Evolution, to appending and creating online content using HTML and CSS.
  • Learned about and used the JSON format, as well as picking up new software quickly.
  • Was challenged to think of creative ways to break the software (and succeeded!).
  • Communicated effectively with co-workers to avoid duplication of work, as well as ensuring clarity on requirements of the task.

Science & Engineering Champion - University of Sheffield

September 2014 - September 2015

  • Led, assisted, and engaged in team building and educational activities with college students expanding my team working skill and strengthening my role model position.
  • Developed a true understanding of responsibility and being a leader, through supervising local school and college students during on-campus events.
  • Largely improved my time management and communication skills as events prepared for the young students had to run promptly and on time.


University of Sheffield - Computer Science

First Year

Introduction to Software Engineering - Group project exploring Twitter API and Ruby

Foundations of Computer Science - Matrices, Boolean Algebra, Propositional and Predicate Logic

Java Programming - Introduction to Java and OOP concepts

Machines and Intelligence - Exploring Artificial Intelligence, search algorithms and strategies

Web and Internet Technology - Website development considering accessibility, usability and testing

Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures - Design and efficiency analysis of sorting algorithms and data structures

Second Year

Advanced Programming Topics - Functional programming using Haskell

Automata, Logic and Computation - FSMs, Context Free Languages, Natural Deduction using Predicate and Propositional Logic

Human Centred Systems Design - Group project developing a booking system using Java and MySQL

Data Driven Computing - Feature Extraction and Classification using Python

Bio-Inspired Computing and Robotics - Cellular Automata, biological influences on robotics

Software Hut - Group project making an online administration system using Ruby on Rails

Third Year

Research Project - Weight Training Analysis Using the Kinect - Self proposed dissertation idea based around improving exercise benefits through comparison to 'perfect' movement pattern model

Speech Processing - Nature and technical aspects of speech, capturing, processing, and synthesising speech using Pure Data

3D Computer Graphics - Using OpenGL to learn and construct a 3D animation including light projection, shadows, texture, and other advanced graphics techniques

Finance and Law for Engineers - Introduction to financial and legal aspects of engineering

Computer Security and Forensics - Understanding security implementations and analysing security protocols and their use of data encoding and encryption

The Intelligent Web - Creating a web application using Node JS and implementing the Twitter API to search for information about footballers and their clubs.

Project Management and HRM for Engineers - Group project focusing on project management processes including planning & scheduling, risk management, and understanding theories of worker leadership and motivation

Fourth Year

Genesys - Working with real customers to solve genuine problems using agile software engineering practices (implemented using Ruby on Rails). Acting as a client to first year students, therefore getting a holistic experience of the developer-customer relationship.

Text Processing - Using Python to understand and perform text compression, information extraction and sentiment analysis.

Testing and verification in safety-critical systems - Reviewing the importance of testing coverage and techniques, as well as consideration of human-computer interaction when developing software for safety-critical systems.

Software Development for Mobile Devices - Exploring software development for both iOS and Android, looking at their differences and creating an application in one of the chosen platforms

Software and Hardware Verification - Spring Semester 2018

Natural Language Processing - Spring Semester 2018



Frictionless - Summer 2015

What would a world without friction look like? How would it work? This game explores this concept, while challenging the player with mental puzzles through all 30 levels! The aim is to get get to the goal while avoiding being eaten or lost, and to collect a maximum amount of points along the way!

Think you can beat the game? To try it out, click here

Orbital Mayhem

Orbit Mayhem - 24 Hour Game Jam 2015

Co-authors: Dan Shreeve, Andrew Cook, Carol Wanjohi

This project was a result of collaboration of me and my course mates, during a 24 hour programming tournament. It challnges the user to hit a target, avoiding obstacles in space, with tricky gravitational fields and misleading paths. The game received an award for one of the best technical solutions of the challenge.

To beat the game, click here

Orbital Mayhem

Robot in Room Animation - 3D Graphics Assignment 2016

A graded university project building an animation using Java and OpenGL. The project considered textures, lighting, animation, and hierarchical design of objects.

To view the animation, click here



Java, HTML, CSS, Python, Bootstrap

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Haskell, ActionScript 3, SQL, jQuery, Git, Linux

Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, Pure Data, OpenGL



I'm a very strong communicator, expressing myself clearly and confidently both on paper, and verbally. I'm also very happy to talk in front of large groups or give presentations


If I don't know something, I'll go and learn it! I'm quick at picking up new things and enjoy the new experience

Team Work

I'm not always right! Realising this helps me work in teams and take on board other ideas, working effectively to produce better results